Project description

As co-founder of this project, I took myself to the next level by being an online entrepreneur and accepting the challenge of leading a team while expanding my knowledge in online marketing and SEO.

Full Idiomas was an online agency focused on selling English Language courses in Ireland for Spanish speakers. This, through a handcrafted and comprehensive WordPress website where users could find courses filtered by different criteria like: location, length and type of the course, etc.

Furthermore, we provided the students an opportunity to interact with the local community through our social events advertised by email and social media, well-written and developed tutorials and more.


  • Email Marketing campaigns with Mailchimp
  • Google Analytics
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • Blog writer

Some of my duties during this project were:

  • Designed and implemented procedures to optimize the workflow of the company, e.g.: from coordinating the logistics between students, schools and host families, to developing step by step guides about the experience of studying abroad.
  • Created and implemented Email Marketing campaigns.
    Online sales: integrating CRM system with online leads.
  • Developed content for the blog.
  • Managed online community through social platforms and on-site forum.
  • Market research to define product proposition & competitor analysis.

A Preview of the website

Social Media

I managed online community through social platforms and on-site forum.